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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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executive director representing the child support services. thank you for asking us to come. i'd like to thank the controllers office and mayor's office office. my presentation will provide you
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with a - that represents welfare costs.
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the departments annual operation budget does not impact the county general fund. the child program will not be effected. going forward our budget has increased slightlyly over current year. the local funding has increased restoringing the reductions in 2013. this reflects the schedule phase one in the department of labors grant through the office of economic and workforce development. overall the increased baseline coupled be thoughtful practices and investment in technical
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advances we can live within our budget. we have vacant management positions to create savings. our caseload has dropped from 28 thousand cases and 1 hundred and 58 positions to fourteen thousand 49 cases supported by 1 hundred and 6 positions in 2013. we have 13 positions that recommended savings but can be facilitated should our caseload go up. we don't have an overtime budget. the department has a - they
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provided excellent customer services. the department has priority tied language assess understanding that absent delivery is possible. we criticize our system to insure the barriers don't occur. i'm extremely powder of the effort in this area. roughly 2 thousand folks are delinquent in their payment for family issues. we recognize the headwinds
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parents face in accomplishing their concerted effort and child support must be part of that effort. we can and must do 3 things. continue to grow partnership with other service providers and continue to grow holistic recommendation to barriers it reflect our clients. we've created the score initiatives to confront the challenges those folks face. a good budget offers practical solutions and practical solutions work. we have made men and women full
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progress we're ranged in the top 10. our parents are stepping up for their children. i want to close with a big thank you to the men and women of the child services here in san francisco and i want to thank my assistant director for thirty years of the dedicated service for the city of st. francie >> i want to thank the department for their information. also i appreciate the fact that this is what they appreciate
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even though they complain that this department works with them on a payment plan and i think it's approaching collecting child support in a compassionate way is why the numbers have increased. you're making it convenient to help them. those kids deserve to be supported if their parents are making money and walking away from their responsibility. thank you and looking forward to supporting your budget >> supervisor mar. >> thank you for your presentation and i and your effective staff. i love the acronyms in the programs.
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francisco you - could you talk more about that >> sure we have developed a series of initiatives that primarily speak to child support. one of the barriers we see has to do with employment and the barriers to that employment. many of our parents have been through the criminal justice system and many struggle with drug and alcohol issues. depression and we know their struggling to get back on their feet. so what we've tried to do is work with the criminal justice system and other social programs
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to connect those parents with the program. we work with them to stop the growth of debt and work with the families to make sure we're applying compromises of accrued debt. it's equitable. we have guideline orders that can be high we bring those orders down that works for the family but also keeps in mind we have someone who's struggling to get back on their feet as we then begin to slowly increase child support to the family. we're prioritizing the collections to get directly to the families because they need
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it right away. we're working with parents and families that are suffering from domestic violence. one of the challenges is because a there's a proscribed challenge should there be an issue of domestic violence we're seeing prominently women coming in and saying can you help us. so we've employed case strategies to work with mother and father to manage it conversation and to collect child support and help father deal with his challenges but keep mother save in the process. so those are some of the board initiatives we're looking at.
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we're represented on the san francisco reentry council and the sentencing commission. we work with the members of those bodies forming tighter calculation and making sure we in child support don't drop the ball and we're doing the best we can >> thank you. >> okay. thank you we don't have a budget analyst report. so thank you very much >> okay. up next, we have juvenile probation. >> thank you supervisors. i'm proud to appear this afternoon for my 9th and final
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presentation. i have my colleagues with me. we want to expend our grateful presentation to the mayor and budget director and our budget analyst for helping us develop what we believe is a beneficiary presentation. we have handouts that are going to b to be distributed. we want to thank the juvenile probation commission for the design of our budget. and finally i'd like to mention it's my privilege to present on
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behalf of our adopt who members have faithfully discharged their duties that have leveraged the funds particle this past year into dividends that have been redeemed for the public. we were responsible stewards of the past years allocations and we pledge to continue to perform in a way that registers our commitment. first a recap about your mission it preservers public safety in the long-term and short-term. we have some did the with our
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thumb drive. this we go >> we afford them opportunities to help them. we have competent strategies that promote public safety. our primary responsibility is the programming at the juvenile judicious center. we perform investigations and case planning in the effect they're they're a jurisdiction. we provided hope. in the advent our responsibility
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included dj go v. those couldn't have been done without the human serviced agencies, the department of youth and human families and a network of all you all the cb o, the san francisco conservation korea and urban sprouts that you are our outlook includes a $3 million increase of which one-hundred 1 million it anticipated to be added to our revenue. this budget will higher some existing vacant positions while continuing to help the extreme
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capital needs at two facilities that are over 58 years old. our two year budget outcome have some major changes. the revenue of title 4 reimbursement from the federal government increased to reflect a higher revenue. after our thorough revenue and in partnership with the controllers office and the performance unit their competent to
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. we deal with youth that have many complex problems that contribute to their delinquency. the capital needs outnumber you all our needs in this department. as we move to the next slide to your budget and the capital initiatives that have been supported by the committee as well as by fund that we needed to add to our budget for facilities maintenance. every month there is something new that presents a very challenging problem to the facilities that are old and the history of sdfrd maintenance is
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catching up. we've established the reentry unit. this is returning the youth to insure with the work completed can be lefrmg into a positive lifestyles once they return to the committee. this is a collaborative approach that includes a system practitioner. we're in the process of developing a website that will expand the capacity to improve
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efficiency department-wide. the major initiatives continues. we want to particle at the cabin log rather than were there life and health issues that need to be addressed and have to be prioritized in our budget. we plan to update our juvenile policies and we've continued our engagement with the social and criminal justice in updating those policies with the evidence best practices approach and that will include compromise with state and federal regulations including the prei prison rape elimination act that has some
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specific guidelines we need to subscribe to in this fiscal year. >> we knew we needed to address the overtime of management. we've made some recent process this past years this has been a unique challenge. we addressed immediately with our plan to install 8 permanent juvenile hallguidelines.
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. and then i was hoping the director with talk about the partnership we have with rec and park in their outdoor experience
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and that was three years ago that provides opportunity for youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system as well as those who are at risk in the community to spend 3 days at the camp that turns into a 3 day interview that leads to jobs. that's a very successful program. this is the third year. many of the emerging needs are the day reporting center and captains the train that benefits the youth in our juvenile system as well as coaching and having mentors available to have kids continue the jobs they have had.
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and it's important if we're talking about the needs in the future developing a living center for when kids come back from log cabin rather than and not to return to the same environment that provided the did the they got into in the first place. and will provide them with the wrap around services.
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>> supervisor avalos. >> thank you for your presentation. i especially because you said it's your 9th and finally time to appear before the finance committee i want to thank you for your service and we've seen the most dramatic decrease in the sense of y z c we've ever seen. and i think that's because the centers been lowered a lot
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because of your leadership. i think it should be significantly noted. i was saying before often we'd have a consensus of many youths and i've seen it down to 70 and it can be lower >> but it was 70 yesterday and that's where we're at i want it's significant. i know that under our leadership there's been a lot of measures in place that would prevent the detainment of young people and it's hard to see the community support for them. our cart has been utilized under your leadership but it's significant and the work you've done is significant for the person who will be skooekd you.
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>> i want to say happy 65th birthday as well. when you were recruited i know a lot of the youth advocates and others respected your work and say that young people can be rehabilitated and you've done that even around immigrant rights. you've done it with tremendous respect for the neighborhoods we serve. i want to say i appreciate even in your sensitive dealing with social economic issues you're a wonderful person to work with over the years. i'm going to miss you i know we
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still have a number of weeks to use you and i hope we'll learn how to steer the youth in the right direction. thank you very much for you're clear budget as well >> thank you. i want to make it very clear that while, you know, i'm most appreciative of the gratitude and recognition i want to make sure that the colleagues i've introduced to you today their fingerprints and heart prints on the budget and on our operations is tried and true and it represents the best
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we can offer in terms of trying to establish a legacy through their involvement. i've been fortunate and i can't stand here alone it's due to the intelligence and their professional commitment. thaits that's why it's important for me to make sure that the 3 individuals alison a katherine and any other colleague were here for this presentation >> any other
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>> my understanding is that we need a week